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Declaration on Crime and Violence

DECLARATION Adopted by the NEDLAC- Secretariat for Safety and Security conference on CRIME AND VIOLENCE We, the delegates to the Nedlac Conference on Crime, commit ourselves to making 1997 the Year of Local Action Against crime. We accept the challenges to do more than complain about crime. We commit our organisations to take specific actions

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National Development Agency

Following agreement in Nedlac, an advisory committee charged with investigating and advising government on the means for providing future support to organs of civil society has been established. The committee will, in particular, consider the feasibility of establishing a national development agency to provide and coordinate support to organs of civil society. The committee’s terms

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Guidelines for Local Development

Guidelines for local development structures In June 1996, the Development Chamber convened a special session on local economic development, which considered a document on guidelines for local development structures prepared by a chamber task group. As agreed at the session, the secretariat undertook an consultation process with stakeholders in each of the provinces and at

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