Trade & Industry Chamber

Scope of Work

The Trade and Industry Chamber seeks to reach consensus and make agreements on matters pertaining to the economic and social dimensions of trade, as well as industrial, mining, agricultural and services policies, and the associated institutions of delivery.

Chambers Modus Operandi

Most of the substantive work of the Chamber is done in Task Teams comprising of representatives of stakeholders that have specific knowledge of the relevant subject matter. The work of the Task Team is governed by Terms of Reference, which are developed by the Chamber. The outcome of work done in the Task Teams is submitted to the Chamber for consideration and ratification. Once the Task Team report is signed off by the Chamber, it is then tabled at the Management Committee for final consideration and sign off.

The Chamber is required to meet at least six (6) times in each financial year. Representation in the Chamber is made up of six (6) mandated representatives from Organised Labour, Business and Government.

The Chamber has several substructures, including:

  • The Fund for Research into Industrial Development, Growth and Equity subcommittee (Fridge), which is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry, and aims to enhance competitiveness by South African industry, through research projects proposed and guided by the constituencies.
  • The technical sectoral liaison committee (Teselico) which aims to enhance trade-related social dialogue, including in the negotiation of trade agreements and interactions with the World Trade Organisation.

Chamber Convenors and Secretariat

Business Convenor – Michael Lawrence
Government Convenor – Faried Adams
Labour Convenor – Tony Enrenreich

Chamber Coordinators

Sharna Johardien – Tel: 011 328 4200 | E-mail:
Nozipho Ngema – Tel: 011 328 4200 | E-mail:
Elnari Potgieter – Tel: 011 328 4200 | E-mail:

Issues currently on the agenda of the Chamber:

  • Customs Fraud and Illegal Imports
  • Custom Control and Customs Duty Bills
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Standards Quality Accreditation Metrology (SQAM)
  • Administered Pricing
  • Annual Strategy Sessions with the Minister of Trade and Industry
  • ITA Act
  • Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP)
  • National Water Amendment Bill

Issues currently on the agenda of the Teselico:

  • WTO Trade Negotiations
  • Trade in Services
  • COMESA – EAC – SADC Free Trade Agreement
  • Trade Policy Strategic Framework

Studies currently on the agenda of the Fridge:

  • Water Accord Business Plan
  • Regional Investment – the role of SA Business in Africa/ South African outward investment
  • National Appliance and Equipment Energy Action Plan

Recent Achievements: (Chamber)

Recent Achievements: (Teselico)

  • SADC Trade Protocol
  • Duty Credit Certificate Schemes (DCCS)/ Textiles and Clothing Industrial Development (TCIDP) Programme
  • SA Trade Policy and Strategy Framework

Recent Achievements: (Fridge)